New Book — Hope! — Hope for Thriving Future for All

Gary Christopherson
1 min readFeb 14, 2022


Humans face a very bad future — early extinction for humans and many other creatures and greater damage to Earth.

The question is whether humans can and will change their behavior enough to avoid that very bad future and build a very good future, a surviving and thriving future. This is the existential question. The existential challenge.

Historically, humans made large, positive behavior changes that lasted over long time. That is the past.

Thriving, if it happens, is mostly in the future.

Can this even happen? Yes. Humans can do large positive behavior changes and in much shorter time.

Do humans have the will? This is the existential question. If and only if humans have the necessary will and do all necessary behavior changes, all can and will survive and thrive long term. This is the existential challenge.

Hope that human behavior changes enough to produce thriving future for all.